Know the basics of lifting? Trying to better yourself through day to day workout programming but don’t know where to start or how to vary your workout?


Workout programming should be very specific to the individual; you cannot just check out Instagram or follow some famous person’s workout routine. Just because they are doing it doesn’t mean you should be doing it, and their workout program won’t necessarily help you reach your personal goals.


You need an individualized program that is put together by a professional. This program needs to be written based on your specific needs and your specific goals. You also need to understand HOW to complete the lifts safely during your program. That’s why we’re offering this service. We want people to be reach their goals safely and effectively.


Pricing: $500 per 12 weeks

What’s Included:

  • 45 minute initial meeting
    • Discuss goals
    • Layout timeframe
    • Learn about starting points
  • 3 month individualized workout program
    • Delivered ~5 days post meeting
  • 3 sessions with the personal trainer
    • 1 per month