We believe that you should remain vivacious no matter your physical age. Enjoy working out and keeping your body strong with a group of like-minded individuals. Stay Moving! is a great class for both men and women.


Stay Moving! is a class that is built specifically for older individuals. This class will center around 60 minutes of movement that is interwoven with light-weight exercises and rehabilitation-like exercise. The focus of this class is to help keep your body mobile and strong without exacerbating problems or lifting too heavy.


We’ll ensure that all exercises are safe, and we’ll progress and regress the exercises based on each individual. Should you be a fall-risk, no problem, we will have a spotter and additional balance bars. Should you have knee problems, no problem, we’ll work around those to keep you strong and mobile! Regardless of your needs, this class is the perfect opportunity to get to the gym, chat with friends, and strengthen your body.