Each personal training session is (on average) 60 minutes and encompasses all components of strength, mobility, and conditioning.

Are you looking into hiring a personal trainer at a club/gym near you? Someone that you can go to a few times a week? Someone that can teach you how to workout, program your workouts for you, and help you reach your fitness, weight loss, or muscle gain goals? Personal training is not for everyone. It is, however, the perfect way to be introduced to new aspects of fitness in the proper way. It is also a great way to stay accountable while trying to reach new personal and fitness goals throughout the year. Just like you are the expert in your profession, a personal trainer is an expert in their chosen profession.

One-on-one personal training at Kerley’s Fitness in Fort Collins is for ANYONE that is looking to learn something new while a qualified and experienced personal trainer looks on. The one-on-one atmosphere allows a personal trainer to properly teach form, technique, and programming to decrease the overall likelihood of injury. You can check out personal training costs HERE.

Every single person is unique, and as such, you have unique needs. Whether you have a prior injury that limits your function, you are looking to improve flexibility, or you need to off-set your desk-sitting lifestyle, a personal trainer can help you.

The benefits of hiring a personal trainer include, but are not limited to:

  1. Help with understanding basic exercise and body movements
  2. The perfection of form to decrease injury
  3. Setting realistic expectations
  4. Programming to help reach goals safely
  5. Activity accountability
  6. Training for specific events; athletics, lifting, etc.
  7. Help you to push through weight-loss and fitness plateaus
  8. Improve flexibility
  9. Improve muscle tone
  10. Decrease overall body fat percentage

Start down the right path to your fitness goals when it is convenient for you. Give us a call today, or fill out the form below and we will call you to set up your first appointment with a personal trainer.


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