Group fitness is the perfect solutions for people that want to reach a specific fitness goal, but hate working out on their own. Getting together a group of like-minded people all focusing on reaching their own goals is one of the best ways to push through plateaus, and to hold yourself accountable when it comes to your personal goals.

This is exactly why Kerley’s Fitness offers group fitness classes throughout each day. Whether you want to learn to utilize kettle bells, have a professional teach you how to olympic lift, or whether you are just focusing on improving flexibility, there is a class for you.

To make group fitness more convenient, we offer three different blocks of group fitness classes 7 days per week. Whether you are an early-bird, night-owl, or prefer to utilize your lunch break to the fullest, come on in and check out our classes. Each class is limited and is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Check out the group fitness class schedule here.