These are personal sessions with FRC certified coach, Justin, and will focused solely on accessing and creating function, mobility, conditioning, and power in new ranges of motions. We will go through different phases of working on recreating joint articulation and adding new range of motion in joints. FRC training is fantastic for people of all ages and fitness levels.


What is FRC

FRC is a specialized area of fitness that helps people improve upon limitations. For example, if your shoulder hurts, there could be range of motion limitation causing the pain. FRC works specifically on creating healthy joints for an overall improvement in health and with daily activities.

Scientific research proves that healthy joints, proper range of motion, and bilateral strength decrease the risk of injury during everything from daily activities to elite level athletics, so it is important that we work through limitations. FRC is not a one-and-done personal training session but a proven theory that will benefit you to add into your daily routine and life.


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