Well – now that it’s 2019 you’re probably on the fitness bandwagon, and we love it. Getting back into fitness can be tough, and there are obstacles that you have to push through. For many people, a personal trainer is an afterthought. They think that just getting a membership at a local gym and going a few times a week will help them meet their goals.

For seasoned gym-goers this method can work. For those that are just getting into the swing of things this might not work very well.  There is a lot more to working out than pulling an exercise off the internet. Technique and programming are huge. Technique (ie. proper form) is probably the number 1 thing a personal trainer can help with. Also, there are also plateaus in results that everyone reaches, and some people can become very frustrated when they can’t push through those plateaus. A personal trainer can be incredibly beneficial in these situations.

Hiring a personal trainer is also a great way to be held accountable, and to learn how to lift the right way. Mitigating injury works better when there is a pro on your side. One other thing – personal trainers (usually) have a lot more experience in the gym so they understand not only how exercises work, but they also know the human body.

Here are a few other benefits of hiring an experienced personal trainer:

  1. Proper programming
  2. Realistic goal setting
  3. Working with YOUR schedule
  4. Working with your unique needs (ie. weaknesses, old injuries, disabilities, etc.)
  5. Unofficial therapy session

Finding the right personal trainer in Fort Collins can be TOUGH. Not all personal trainers are created equal. Do your research, ask questions, and find the one that fits with your goals and your personality.