Hey everyone! Welcome to Kerley’s Fitness. We’re honestly thrilled that you stopped by our site to learn a little more about what our new boutique-style gym can offer to the people of Fort Collins!

To begin, the gym was opened by Justin and Jenny Kerley residents of Fort Collins. Justin has been a personal trainer now for +13 years and has a very unique outlook on fitness and wellness that he practices and preaches. He’ll be running one-on-one sessions and many of the group fitness courses. Jenny has a degree in sports medicine and has worked within the personal training, and athletic training sectors. You’ll see her training one-on-ones as well as group fitness classes as time goes on.

Now, the gym itself is pretty wide open with all the fun toys you want in a gym; battle ropes, mace bells, kettle bells, and much more. The open floor plan allows clients and members to utilize more than a 4×4 section like a big box gym. We’ve also built the place to have showers just in case clients or members need to get to a previous engagement right after their workouts. If you want a little more information about pricing please check out our rates page.

While we’re not quite open, please give us a call, or shoot us a form. We are already taking sign ups for our introductory (first 100 members) rates. Our “soft opening” will happen on 11/1 where our first members can start working out. We’ll follow that with a grand opening!! We really hope that everyone can find their fitness niche at Kerley’s Fitness. We look forward to seeing you all!