Every single day we field new fitness questions. Every. Single. Day. Sometimes the questions are highly specific to the individual, sometimes it’s a general question about fitness, sometimes the question focuses on nutrition, and every once in a while it’s someone that is trying to get free personal training(like) sessions. Now, there is no such thing as a “stupid question” but some can be very funny….or something easy to look up on Google.


We’ll always answer your fitness question to the best of our ability. Whether you have questions about the gym itself, the classes, or personal training sessions, we have the answer. Unfortunately, sometimes the questions are so in depth that I have to start with “it depends.” If it’s one of those, we’re in for a long conversation.


Here are some of the questions we have fielded lately here at Kerley’s Fitness:

Q: Why would I pay for personal training sessions?

A: Well, you just said you don’t know what you are doing in the gym. A personal trainer takes all the thinking out of it for you and teaches you the things you don’t know.

Q: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what piece of gym equipment would you take?

A: Would I have basic survival tools, ie., knife, fire starter, shelter, water filter? If yes, then a kettlebell, probably a 24kg.

Q: I’m not seeing the results I want from my workouts, what’s going on?

A: DEPENDS…How’s your diet? How often are you exercising? What effort are you putting in at the gym? Are you drinking much? It’s probably because you are doing one or more things wrong.

Q: I need to lose weight. What diet would you suggest?

A: I wouldn’t suggest a fad diet. Just eat like a grown up. Real foods, smaller portion sizes, less crap food and drink a lot of water.

Q: Am I doing this exercise right?

A: Nope!

Q: How do you wake up to teach a class at 5:30am!? That’s way too early.

A: I set 2 alarms and really like coffee.

Q: How often do you workout?

A: Usually 5 days a week; 3 days of lifting and 2 days of jiujitsu.

Q: Is there a faster way to increase my weights and lose weight?

A: Yes, but steroids are illegal and not eating is super unhealthy. I wouldn’t recommend either.

Q: I want to look like The Rock. Can you help?

A: Hmmm….probably not. The Rock is a genetic miracle, just look at him. He also works out like crazy and eats extremely well.

Q: Can you write me a workout program?

A: Yep! I can write a personalized 12-week program, it costs $500

Q: That’s expensive, can you write me a workout program for free?

A: No.

Q: What’s the mobility class all about?

A: Well, keeping your body mobile. You’ll stretch, foam roll. work on joint articulation, etc. Basically, we are reteaching your body how to move properly without pain.

Q: How can I lose this extra body fat I’m carrying around?

A: This is a DEPENDS question and there is no simple answer. Working out will absolutely help. Many people will need to consult a nutritionist as well as not everyone loses the desired amount of weight from just weight lifting. You might also need to add cardio, HIIT, interval training, etc. into your workout program. The best way to achieve this is to get a personal trainer that can write you an individualized program that changes based on your progress. Dedication is very, very important. Your goals also need to be reasonable and achievable. You cannot expect to lose 15% body in a month.

Q: I keep hearing the term “periodization.” Do I need it and is it important to my overall workout plan?

A: Yes. There are many different types of periodization training protocols from sports to bodybuilding, and they all have their place depending on your overall goal. Proper periodization keeps you from overtraining, helps you break through plateaus, and helps you reach your goals. Proper periodization programs have been PROVEN scientifically to have better outcomes than non-periodization workout plans.


I’ll field any questions that anyone has, ever. I got into this business because I love it. I love being a personal trainer. I enjoy working with people and I enjoy being able to help people. If you have questions, no matter what they are, just shoot me an email or give us a call! We hope that you come check out our facility in the near future, we have something for everyone!