Just Human Better, Would Ya?

Let’s take a look at what a gym is supposed to be and what a gym actually is (more times than not).

A gym is supposed to be a location that we utilize to counteract this hectic, “burn-n-turn” lifestyle that humans have developed over the last 150 years or so. A place where we can mimic all the evolutionary physical feats of strength that we were bred to do but began to lose at the dawn of the industrial revolution.

We were born and bred to be physical beings that are capable of so many wonderful physical tasks. We were built to run, climb, crawl, carry, squat, jump, hinge, and so much more. Unfortunately, truth of the matter is that most people can’t get off the floor without pain, or put their arms over their head (let alone hang from them and pull themselves up).

A gym should merely be a supplementary way of movement to our newly developed sedentary lifestyle. It should be a means of  replicating and reproducing the basic human movements/functions that we have lost along the way.

Unfortunately, in today’s society, a gym usually does not hit this simple and basic quota of human movement.  

Instead, the vast majority of gyms look like something out of a science fiction movie. There are hamster wheels to run in, bikes to sit on, people in these weird little “elevation training masks”, 100’s of machines to sit in (check out our earlier blog), and somewhere tucked away in the back corner is some heavy objects to pick up, carry, squat, etc. This small, tucked-away corner if often overlooked by many of gym-going patrons. So, they’ll continue miss out on long-forgotten movements of the human body.

For generations, Americans have been looking for the the “magic pill” or the secret solution/quick fix to success with health and fitness.  Well, you’re in luck because I am finally going to give it to you! Eat like an adult, move like a baby, and train like a warrior.

You don’t need waist trainers.

You don’t need fat burners.

You don’t need crash diets. Or elevation masks. Or machines.

All you need is enough dedication to be consistent;

  • Consistently move heavy objects for speed, distance and/or overall external load (how much weight).
  • Consistently cook for yourself and put high quality foods into your body.
  • Consistently move. Walk, touch your toes, play in a sandbox, carry something heavy around the block.  
  • Consistently be nice to each other (this might not make you more fit but it makes life a lot easier).
  • Consistently act like a human being.

That’s it. There’s the secret. Come on in, we’re a 24/7 access gym – so you can workout whenever. Now, go get stupid strong!