The body is absolutely made to move. The modern skeletal and muscular system evolved over a very long time to specialize in upright movement. Just take a look at our joints and how our muscles are attached within our bodies. The human body is quite amazing and modern humans absolutely take it for granted.


It wasn’t that long ago that we as humans were doing manual labor, walking where we needed to go, or working hard to build shelter, provide food, etc. The movement, the use of our muscles, the necessary load, etc. made our human bodies strong (yes, I know; diseases, life-expectancy during this time, etc. but that’s not the point of this blog) and allowed us to move how we were supposed to. Our modern lives have made us (as a whole) soft. We no longer trap and grow our own food, we no longer have to put effort into travel, and we absolutely do not need to move to get through our days. Of course, there are a few exceptions to this, but as a person in the modern, developed world, we do not move like we use to and our bodies are paying the price.


Think about how much time you spend sitting on your ass. Our westernized societies are more reliant on technology and more sedentary than ever before. Ease of life = less movement. It is time to break the cycle. Get up and move. Your body feels better when it is doing what it was made to do. Now, this blog is about movement, but I have to mention nutrition. Feeding your body correctly is one of the most important things that you can do. That being said, skip fast-food and eat like an adult. As of the latest statistics by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; only 8 states (and the District of Columbia) have “normal weight” categories that outnumber the “Overweight/Obese”  categories. This changes slightly when adjusted for age. That’s scary.


Now, get up and move. Pick up something heavy (use good form) and put it down. Do some push-ups during a commercial break. Play with your child(ren) outside. Go walk your dog. Join a club team. Head to a gym. Park in the back of the parking lot instead of right outside the door. Just do something. Also, eat better. Improving your health in little ways will truly impact your life in a positive manner. If you’re worried or afraid to get into the gym because of your lack of knowledge or experience, contact us. We have personal trainers and 24/7 gym access to make things just a little easier. We want to help. We want to build a happy and healthy community based on wellness and fitness.