It’s no one’s business why you started your fitness journey. What matters is that you started. That is one of the toughest parts of getting into fitness and hitting your fitness/weight loss/strength goals. We’re just glad that you pulled the trigger and started, even if it’s at the bottom.


No one is born with all of the knowledge of how to stay fit, how to gain muscle, how to lose weight, how to eat correctly, etc. Often times it takes years and years before people realize that the habits they have created are detrimental to their overall health. Other times people learn early that fitness is a great outlet. Either way, everyone starts at the bottom. Everyone needs to learn, and everyone should learn from people that know what they are doing whether that be a personal trainer, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, a fitness guru, etc. I always say that my fitness knowledge is nothing new. I learned from men and women that are smarter than myself. I took time-tested techniques, programming, and exercises from others and adapted them for myself, my clients, and my classes. I also started at the bottom.


Throughout the years I have learned something new every day, and I am still learning. That is why I love what I do. I continue to learn, I get to help people, and I get to teach people. It’s awesome.


Now, the start of your fitness journey might be scary but don’t worry, there are people that can help you learn what you need to learn. Find professionals that will NOT pass judgment or make you feel inferior. Create a workout schedule that will allow for a day or two of rest so you don’t overtrain or hurt yourself. Stick to the basics until you master the techniques, and then you can progress. Change your diet; eat natural, high-quality foods in the right proportions. Avoid fast foods, eating out, etc. until have you created new eating habits. If you need help, call a registered nutritionist.


Tips for your fitness journey:

  1. Make small, measurable goals that you can realistically complete.
  2. Start small; walk before you run.
  3. Move EVERYDAY whether it is walking, taking the stairs, weight training, etc.
  4. Remember; workouts do NOT need to be 1-4 hours long to be effective.
  5. While grocery shopping, stick to the outside perimeter of the store where the perishables are kept. You cannot, and will not, outwork bad eating habits.
  6. Be held accountable; hire a personal trainer, get a workout buddy, etc. to ensure that you show up.
  7. Find your support system; friends/family/coworkers/etc. be around people that push you to keep your goals & support you while you begin.
  8. Vary your workouts.
  9. Be a learner.
  10. Cut back on the sugars.
  11. Cut back on alcohol.
  12. Stop relying on your scale, it is not the most effective means of tracking your progress.
  13. Give yourself time. Changing your body and your fitness takes time and dedication. Creating habits takes time. Do NOT become discouraged!

Should you be stumped on where to start, or how to start. Give us a call. We have personal training, 24/7 gym access, and small group fitness classes that can help you figure out your goals.