Are you one of the millions of people that do NOT like group fitness? Yep, same here. I hated the “typical” group fitness atmosphere. You couldn’t (still can’t) catch me in a room of 40 other people, one instructor, and a same-size fits all workout. I don’t want to be pushing around a small amount of weight for 50-100 reps. I don’t want to do the same exact exercises that everyone else does with exactly the same weight as everyone else. I don’t want to do exercises for time. I know my body and I understand that I will likely get hurt, or exacerbate an old injury with these exercises.


Group fitness can get a bad rep, and I am at fault sometimes for perpetuating this stereotype because I just don’t like the “typical” group fitness classes. It’s like anything else within the fitness industry, it can be good and bad. If you’re in a class that doesn’t take into account people as individuals or doesn’t have a progression/regression plan, maybe you are in the wrong class. When it comes to the RIGHT group fitness class, I’ve changed my tune. I now love group fitness classes. Hear me out, my reasoning and the classes I am talking about might be a little different than you might think.


A properly programmed group fitness class is very hard to find, so we started doing just that at Kerley’s Fitness. Now I can get in a kettlebell class, barbell class, or Primal Conditioning class (like HIIT) 6 days a week. These classes are small (under 12 people per class) and it feels more like one-on-one personal training than anything else. We also understand that people are not all on the same fitness level, so there are progressions and regressions for every single exercise. Individualization, people. It’s important, even if it is a class setting. The community that has been built is also part of the reason these classes are so fun to attend. Each class time has a specific group of people that attend, and they have all become a fun little family.


The right lifting community can do wonders. These new friends will help hold each other accountable, push each other during difficult lifts, and encourage each other to reach their goals. It’s been really awesome watching men and women of all ages come to class, laugh together, lift together, help each other and form genuine friendships outside of the gym. As a gym owner there really is nothing better.


As a 24/7 access gym owner, my on group fitness has changed, thankfully.