1. The Body Is Built To Move

    The body is absolutely made to move. The modern skeletal and muscular system evolved over a very long time to specialize in upright movement. Just take a look at our joints and how our muscles are attached within our bodies. The human body is quite amazing and modern humans absolutely take it for gr…Read More

  2. What Social Media Means To Kerley’s Fitness

    The social media game has changed a lot over the years. I bet that some of you cannot even remember a time without social media. Well, I can remember a time without cell phones and easy access to the internet! Then, technology started to improve. Now you see 8 year old with tablets and their own per…Read More

  3. Boutique Gym vs. Box (Large) Gym

    To start, yes, there is a startling difference between these two facilities set up, operations, costs, etc. No - it is not just about space (although, that is a big part of the difference as well) and overall amenities. Box Gyms Box (or large) gym facilities are just that, large. They typically offe…Read More

  4. The Adventure of Owning a New Business

    As I sit here at 5:14 AM on a Thursday wondering if anyone is going to show up for our 5:15 class, I can’t help but think to myself “self, DAFUQ did you get yourself into”?! As we enter the era of Amazon and people wanting everything right now, more & more  “ma and pa” shops are going…Read More

  5. Personal Training – Do You Need It?

    Well - now that it's 2019 you're probably on the fitness bandwagon, and we love it. Getting back into fitness can be tough, and there are obstacles that you have to push through. For many people, a personal trainer is an afterthought. They think that just getting a membership at a local gym and goin…Read More

  6. Why We Love New Year’s Resolutions

    New Year's resolutions are a staple for so many people. Putting together a list, vision board, etc. is a fantastic way to be intentional about what you want to accomplish in the upcoming months. As we enter the new year, we tend to see two different themes posted on social media: Someone looking to …Read More

  7. Cannons & Canoes

    “You can’t shoot cannons from a canoe”. This is a n analogy that I heard many years ago and have applied to training, working out, and the human body ever since. No matter what your goal is (i.e. powerlifting, bodybuilding, marathon running, athletic competition, being able to “human better…Read More

  8. What’s In A Gym?

    Just Human Better, Would Ya? Let’s take a look at what a gym is supposed to be and what a gym actually is (more times than not). A gym is supposed to be a location that we utilize to counteract this hectic, “burn-n-turn” lifestyle that humans have developed over the last 150 years or so. A pla…Read More

  9. Sitting Is The New Smoking

    It took us between 500,000 and 200,000 years to evolve from Neanderthal to Homo Sapiens, and less than 300 years to turn it all to shit.  Sometime around 1760 the Industrial Revolution began and since that moment, the need to treat the human body like a human body has diminished more with every gen…Read More

  10. Set Up & Starting Classes

    We're 10 days out from our soft-opening. As of November 1st our 24/7 access system and class schedule will be up and running. We're ready to get people through the door. So much work has been put in to this fitness facility to get it ready for the public. For now, we are running one-on-one clients t…Read More