Think of building an old warship; you must first build a ship sturdy enough to support everything that goes with a warship…otherwise you’re putting cannons on a canoe.  Try to fire that cannon and sink the canoe.


In simple terms; this class was developed to build a solid strength foundation.


What This Class Is All About

A straight forward strength class that focuses on building a great foundation by utilizing a variety of barbell squats, presses, hinges, deadlifts, and rows. If the coach feels comfortable with the groups progression then we may even teach more advanced, ballistic movements such as the clean, jerk, and snatch. We will work on a 3 day split, with an option for a 4th day on your own. Each barbell workout will center on one to two of the big, necessary barbell movements required for building strength and power. The squat, bench press, deadlift, and overhead press will be these primary movements. Breaking the classes down like this will allow us to put a big emphasis on proper technique and programming while maximizing strength and longevity. All classes encompass other complementary lifts that will help build a solid strength foundation without overtraining that may include the use of; dumbbells, kettle bells, sleds, etc.