No trends or gimmicks, just teaching humans how to move and act like humans again.

Teaching people to reconnect with their bodies through time-tested philosophies of strength, movement, and conditioning!

We as humans were not meant to sit at a desk, slouch, eat processed foods, and drive everywhere. The normalcy of everyday “activities” wreaks havoc on our bodies, and in the end, we forgot our natural movement patterns. We begin to have pain and immobility in our joints and muscles as a result of our modern lifestyle. Retraining our bodies is essential to getting out of bed in the morning without pain, fixing our posture, throwing a ball, running a mile, picking up a weight, etc.

At Kerley’s Fitness, you can get one-on-one personal training, take advantage of pre-set group fitness classes, or train 24/7 at your leisure. Here you won’t find machines, you won’t find saunas, stair steppers, or any other fancy fads. We’re all about picking up heavy things, teaching natural movement patterns, helping to improve people’s flexibility, and teaching people that moving is the key to fitness. If you’d like to find a facility where you can run on a treadmill while watching TV, or ride a bicycle through the fake-Alps, we’re really not the fitness facility for you. Go outside! It’s too beautiful in Colorado not to appreciate the views and the weather. With our 24-hour gym access, our members have access to the facility whether they are early risers or night-owls. Our whole aim here at Kerley’s Fitness is to help you human better, and get into better shape so that you can enjoy your life.